In this day and age it is difficult to find a DJ that has experience and event knowledge to get the party started. Experience counts. Since 1981, MidKnight Productions has strived to give the best in Club DJ performances. Our DJs have the philosophy of pleasing the crowd with requested music. Our DJs can even Hot-Mix requests into the mix. We carry 1,500,000 selections with us on events.  We have high quality sound & light systems with brand names like Mackie, Pioneer, Martin and Denon. Our systems can be engineered to fill any venue with solid sound. In the end, our job is to keep your patrons entertained and keep them in your establishment with quality music.  For our bar clients, we offer solid bookings without the worry that we will call off suddenly and leave your venue without a DJ. We do not double book. Our focus is Clubs, Bars and Taverns but we can also provide music and lighting for weddings, sweet sixteen's, corporate events, reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, open-houses, fraternities, sororities, street-fairs, charity events and special celebrations. Sorry, we don't do karaoke.

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Do One Thing and Do it Well.

At MidKnight Productions, we do music & lighting. That's all we do! In this way we are focused on that facet alone. We don't do photo-booths, karaoke, photography, fabrics, catering or any other service (We can refer you to those firms that do those things well). Our base rates vary depending on the type of event. Up-light packages, special effects and extended travel are extra. Call us for a custom quote that will encompass your needs.

Careful Planning and Execution.

MidKnight Productions will meet your entertainment expectations through careful planning, experience, excellent service, and amazing music selections. MPDJS specializes in every genre of music from EDM, 70's, 80's, 90's, oldies, Motown, House, Freestyle, Funk, Disco, Rock, Country to today's current hits. Our music library is well polished and tasteful, and your guests won't be disappointed when they find that we have most if not all song requests.

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Based in Griffith, Indiana.

We cover just about any music entertainment event you may think of and we travel a 500+ mile radius to get there.

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